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Welcome to the Minety Footpath Section


The purpose of this section is to help all who live in or visit Minety to enjoy and benefit from the many paths and bridleways  that we have within the parish.


Minety has a large number of rights of way, many of them being historic paths which villagers have used over centuries in their daily lives. This high number may be due to the fact that Minety unusually has three, arguably four,  distinct centres plus outlying farms and settlements which created the need for a network of connecting paths. While some paths are still in daily use; others have over time become blocked by vegetation or even by built structures


For the Millenium in 2000, the Parish Council produced a guide to the village and its footpaths and a copy is available from the "Media" page. The Parish Council is currently, in 2016, beginning a review of all Minety’s paths and it is planned to provide an updated guide online as all the paths are checked and if necessary cleared.



Everyone keen on walking will be familiar with the OS local maps. Explorer sheets mainly 169, but also 168, cover the parish and its surrounding area. The rights of way marked on the OS maps are derived from the Definitive Map for each parish.  The Parish Council has a copy of the Definitive Map which can be referenced by parishioners and a copy can also be viewed and downloaded from the "Media" page.


Rights of Way

Minety Parish Council and Wiltshire County Council have responsibility to oversee rights of way and to take action to make sure that paths are kept open. Maintaining stiles and keeping paths clear is the responsibility of the land owner. While the Parish Council aims to audit the paths on an annual basis we welcome feedback from users on accessibility and condition. Please provide feedback to the Parish Council Footpath Officer or the Parish Clerk.


Country Code

All those using paths and bridleways are reminded that it is important to keep dogs under close control and to leave gates as you find them  as many of the fields may contain stock. Particular care should  be taken when crossing fields with cattle.


The Railway

The railway line runs right through Minety and therefore many of the walks.  Please remember this is a main line and trains travel at high speeds. Always take care when crossing the line.




Issues / Feedback

If you would like to report any problems relating to footpath or bridleway rights of way, or feedback on this Footpaths section of the website, please contact Sam D'Ambrosio, the Parish Council footpath officer, using the form below:- 


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Minety Parish Footpaths Rights of Way Map

A copy of the footpaths and bridleways rights of way is included here.

To view or download a pdf version of the map click here.



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Discovering Minety

Minety Parish Council Guide To The Village And Its Footpaths

Published by the Parish Council for the Millenium in 2000

To view or download a pdf version of the booklet click here



The booklet is included for information but much can have changed since 2000. Some of the walks described in the guide may no longer be easily walked due to being overgrown or broken stiles. The Parish Council is currently undertaking an audit of the paths and will provide updated information on this site as it becomes available.


Updated Footpaths Guide

In Progress